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Digital ticketing for Events

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Digital ticketing for events. Through NFC innovation and best in class technology, we are delivering unmatched payment solutions to carnival operators.

FunTagg Benefits

Increase Revenue

Improve Experience

Intelligent Systems

  • Customer Visit detail

  • Real time revenue detail

  • Attraction Load Detail
  • Customizable Reports
  • Conditional Suggestive Selling

  • Reduce Lines
  • Faster service
  • Create Loyalty
  • On card history
  • Phone App for all activity
  • Increase revenue by 30%
  • Eliminate ticket fraud
  • Reduce internal theft
  • Introduce Suggestive Selling
  • Improve Cash Management

Performance & Analytics

Easy, Visual, Complete~!!!

  • Easy to set up
  • Use your Smartphone to manage your system
  • All sales detail by Kiosk in real time
  • Customer activity by attraction, day, time and amount

Why FunTagg



  • Interactive touchscreen

  • Dispense fair cards

  • Accept Cash or Credit

  • Scan presale code

  • Gives change

  • It will text you when it need service

Ride/Game/Access Readers

  • Multi function terminal

  • Can be set for single purpose

  • Employees can not alter

  • Durable housing

Tablet POS terminal

  • Sell cards, wristbands

  • Concessions POS

  • See card history

  • Scans presale codes

Phone App

  • Fair goers get on rides, play games and buy food

  • Can be used off line

  • For Apple and Android